Must try Hakka cuisine: Ban

Well, Max asked me today that what kind of culture do I supposed to introduce to foreigners visiting Shenzhen during this Summer Universiade. Proudly I would treat you guys to Ban.

Maybe Ban ( 粄 ) is not a commonly used character in Mandarin, probably only used in Hakka people. Generally speaking, Ban are fried, steamed or poached carbohydrates, most are glutinous foods, but some are rice noodles.

I prefer glutinous Ban the most. Steamed mugwort Ban, bowl shaped Ban, Tangyuan Ban are the most popular. They have salt or sweet flavor.

By no means Ban cuisines are daily food in Hakka's life, only in Luna calendar festivals they can have a taste. The Tangyuan Ban is for Lantern Festival, mugwort Ban is for Double Nine festival and penis shape Ban is the celebration for a boy's birth.

And Parsley Ban soup is one of my favourite.


Chinese register fee before visiting doctors

There're resources on Internet telling you how to see a doctor in China. The procedures in details demonstrate how medical services are. If English levels are good enough in these health workers, it will be more helpful.

I was told by Tom Anderson in a language class last year, that foreigners would fill loss when they were asked to pay before getting any services or merchandise. So it is probably akin to medical services in Chinese hospital. Health buyers pay before seeing doctors, laboratory tests or drugs.

So medical managers should declare their procedures as a routine to bridge the cultural gap. Web pages publishing, booklets or electric billboard, anything that help a visitor in the hospital to understand the procedures are not extravagant. Actually these are necessary for I recognize that even many local visitors have no idea about register procedure and register fee.

Well, here comes the key topic. There're two parts for register fees for visiting a doctor in China. The basic register fee charged at ¥1 ( one yuan ) shows that service is set up between the hospital and you, and the second part, which I like to call it consultant fee, varies from 3 yuan to 50 yuan in Shenzhen just for once, depending on the physician's rank.

So, whatever for prescription, diagnosis or consultation, people pay before that see any doctor.

Read twitter updates without proxy

Finally you find it's not a rumor that twitter is blocked when you arrive in the Red Country, even you are on a trip, go for business or exchange program, or attend the 2011 Summer Universiade. How to read twitter updates without proxy? mail2me @medecinsam
First you should have a gmail account. If you have none of it, sign up one before you visit this country.

Go to mail setting after signing in Google mail, then set up web clips. In the "search by topic or URL" blank, fill in

Gmail Web Clips will fetch twitter user's feed url back in numbers like this:

But there are chaos if you have followed many users while they twits a lot every they. For better reading, you can copy the url above into Google Reader. Remember there is a https at the beginning at the browser's address.

Now you get encryption for both twitter subscription and online feed reader.

To update your twitter in this kind of country, surf the Internet with VPN/SSL tools, or sync your twitter account with Google Buzz https posting.

Happy twitting.

Eat fatty food but in a healthy range


專題命名 Low-fat foods can INCREASE the risk of heart disease 足以吸引眼球,暗示了:低脂食物增加心臟病風險、高脂食物屬於膳食均衡、為了降低心臟病風險應該吃高脂肪食物。文章提到了 Natasha Campbell-McBride ,我查閱了一下,她是有神經學科、營養學的學位和相關頭銜。


從幾個國家的研究看,學術界與行政部門對飽和脂肪酸、LDL 沒有誅之而後快。美國、英國、日本在健康診斷標準中允許低密度脂蛋白檢出陽性,只不過血生化結果超出一定水平後,醫生有責任開始健康干預,甚至確診為高脂血症。


每日郵報報導健康主題的風格獨特,不提及醫學研究結果、隨意概括醫學結論,還不引用反對意見給讀者比較和思考,不怪得它未取得 HONcode 認證。嗯,讀了作罷即可,每個人都應該獨立思考。

Chinese nostalgia

Foreigners can easily find that many Chinese are still filled with nostalgia of days in Feudal Empires, who believes that their ancestors was the men in a top country in the Globe. China, which in Chinese means "centre of the universe", still misleads the majorities that they will revive the nation some day.

a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition; also :something that evokes nostalgia
Ah, I've heard compliments to my dialect such as "where do you improve your pronunciations", "you talk like a native speaker" or "I cannot imagine you have never live abroad". Lucky enough no one skepticizes my pale vocabulary, my awful grammars and ridiculous logic. Young people nowadays consume enviable resources to learn English, which are native textbooks from reputable publishers, listening training or interactive language game. Face to face with a licensed Laowai teacher for learning English? Never ever think about it in my years.

There was shortwave BBC broadcasting in English but it was too difficult for a beginner like myself, and soon after we have ran into radio interference since June of 1989. Well, I was not in a family financially good, so my parents didn't buy me cassette tapes anymore since the second year after I started my English in school education. I thought I was the abandoned as I realized few months later that pupils in some other classes in a same school were educating with Look, Listen and Learn, for I confidently imagined more As will be mine in the English subject.

I would stay in low level till now if Tyche had not visit me. A cultural exchange project, American Music Hour, showed up in the local radio channel not long after my depression. It's more clear compared to BBC talk time and Pop music are good topics with attractions, disk jockey and female deejay hosted the program rotationally in easy English. I just cooked my lunch, finished the meal whilst American Music hour finished in the noon time. Well, by subconsciously repeating after the sentences for those DJs, I caught a few words firstly, then successfully repeated the whole paragraph. What is the motivation? Maybe speaking in Uncle Sam's tone is fashionable.

Beginners and learners today are more lucky. For you unwilling to pay too much for English, you will encounter more online resources, or more interaction course. Recently the Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed a language system, which can correct the pronunciation errors from any speaker by a single word. The system called Enunciate, is leaded by professor Helen Meng, a PhD. I am sure it will be not far away the day English conversation robots come to us.

That's a great invention and more students will achieve there success while learning the second language. I missed so much chance to improve my English ability that I am not going to let it happen again on my daughter, whatever teaching machines exit.

mail2me 有朝一日GFW升級,VPN和SSL齊齊失效,直接訪問 變得不再輕鬆,訪客留言有可能難於上青天。為此我安裝 Text Template ,以便博客訂閱者直接在閱讀器中發電郵與我。@medecinsam

Text Template 託管頁面下載這一插件,最新版本是1.2。按照項目說明新增 auto text 模板,逐一完成命名、html編輯,還有保存。我利用 Text Template for Windows Live Writer 的方法是在日誌起始處添加 recapcha 郵件加密功能,一段極長的加密字符通過 Text Template 簡化成兩次鼠標點擊,確實效率極高。

效果如本日誌所示,一個 mail2me 鏈接,一個防抄寫字符。

In the corner of a pub in Beijing Sanlitun, a young geeker is surrounded by several teenagers, demonstrating the latest VPN/SSL techniques to break through the wall, which bring them real freedom of Internet surfing, whilst these students only know QQ, Tudou and Tianya before.

- demonstrate
to illustrate and explain especially with many examples
Finally I have to blog by email, for my second VPN proxy is encroached by Great Fire Wall. Some bloggers abandon for GFW brings too much difficulties to manage it, but it's surely only a matter of time before blog service providers delete their posts or accounts without warning. Tom, the host of Seeing in Red China blog, shares his experience about censorship in China to us. Now it proves that secret department will erase anything if they want whatever you think it a common topic, or even you post it in other language.

So, should I speak the following stuff in different characters, such as Italian or Japanese, huh? My friend Derek is going go visit Shenzhen this August as he's an athlete for this summer Universiade. Therefore I keeps my eyes on this event, which is originally none of my business. One of the report shocks me by its content, not just the title "Shenzhen disperses 80,000 suspects out, for the sake of public security". According to the journal, schizophrenias "prone to be dangerous" are on the list. Well, we don't need any evidence, for the police authority have already admitted what they have done.

Not just 2011 Universiade, also 2008 Olympics and 2010 Asian Game have done this. A psychiatrist told me that the mayor in Beijing was awake all the eve of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, totally sleepless under the anxiety of any mental disorders were going to suicide, protest or other accidents that the central government dislike. Perhaps Shenzhen follows Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou this time.

Even before the Funding Schemes' declaration, public psychiatric hospitals or clinics dropped off patients to another city or municipal district, for he or she has no local Hukou. Sure it is that the hospital or clinic can not afford the fee for these patients, as no one paid for them. Up to now these hospitals can supply basic treatment to the schizophrenias although they have no residence in Shenzhen, and the patients will be send back to the cities, counties or villages they belong to.

Please be not so serious, for Dr. Who tells me the stories above and maybe they are another Roswell classified.

Professional or not

mail2me 政府鼓吹的家庭醫生竟然套上了不專業的光環,這令人懷疑他們在耍一場戲法,並進一步削弱醫生的專業操守。

像那天上海周家橋的陳醫生,公然自稱額外擁有心理諮詢師、營養師、健康管理師資格。一般民眾必然輕信醫生身外的頭銜,砂紙(文憑)越多,醫生吸引力越高。如果廖新波、鐘南山等級的人物充任家庭醫生,必定被居民里三層外三層環繞,醫療服務趕美超英指日 @medecinsam 可待。可惜,政府官員和科學院士從來就不到基層掛職,只有醫院閒置人員才被流放到居民區坐診。




mail2me 正在用的這個 Evidens 模板固定使用兩個右邊欄,因此正文區塊自動浮動時,日誌標題有可能因為過寬而自動換行。昨天的日誌 Pointing Magnifier for motor impairments 無端端這樣丟失了最後一個單詞,以致自動生成的固定鏈接變成了無意義的pointing-magnifier-for-motor.html。@medecinsam

首先刪除 html 中的sidebar1部分
〈b:section class='r1' id='sidebar1' preferred='yes'〉

接著編輯CSS中的正文區塊 #center 的右邊距、邊欄 #sidebar-wrapper 的寬度,令其和sidebar2一致

/*-- (Principal) --*/
#center {

/*-- (Lateral) --*/
#sidebar-wrapper {


修改後的模板 Evidens White 有1個右側欄,固定寬度300px,正文寬度自適應。為了保證屏幕分辨率為800×600的閱讀體驗,博客貼圖的寬度應為460px。仍然保留了原始 Evidens White xml template for 的特質。

Pointing Magnifier for motor impairments

在 Eurekalert 上讀到一則新聞,知道運動障礙人士將更輕鬆地使用電腦,這歸功於美國華盛頓大學幾個團隊開發的輔助軟件。@medecinsam

這些運動障礙主要表現為眼手配合性差,病人精確運動功能低下,當他們使用鼠標時定位艱難。查閱後發現帕金森症( Parkinson's disease )、腦癱( Cerebral Palsy )都會有motor impairment ,大陸把它翻譯為運動損傷。


不過以上兩類病人可沒有那麼幸運。根據 Catherine O'Donnell 介紹,病人控制下的鼠標頭總是在屏幕上飄移不定,結果沒辦法擊中關閉鍵、確認鍵。

我下載了其中一款 Pointing Magnifier 試用,證實了開發團隊得到的結果。Pointing Magnifier 首先大致指向屏幕中的目標區域,作為一個淡藍色半透明的圓形,無論對運動障礙人士或是視力受損人士都是清晰易見的:


如同開發者介紹一樣,任意鼠標按鍵放大了整個藍色區域,在Pointing Magnifier激活狀態下,鼠標頭定位到目標上變得輕而易舉。


目前的殘疾人輔助電腦操作同步放大顯示區域和鼠標移動距離精度,僅僅解決了閱讀障礙,沒有幫到鼠標操作。似乎 Pointing Magnifier 是成本低下的解決方案,它無需更改或定制電腦硬件。我個人認為,這個軟件甚至對弱視患者幫助甚大。

Pointing Magnifier 是一款免費軟件,你可以到華盛頓大學 Aimgroup 項目的主頁下載。其安裝包約665K字節,使用時佔用17兆字節內存。

Your public family doctor

Family doctors, primary practitioners, barefoot doctors, they are all the same that refer to doctors practicing in communities. Different from GPs in western countries, they are full time employed by local government, none of them practices individually, while patients are able to paid 100% by social insurance directly in any hospitals without these doctors' referring.

Here we call them community doctors, who only register mainly in none-surgery, surgery, or Chinese Medicine. These community physicians handle any symptoms, diagnose and prescribe for the visitors, even sometimes they give free consultancy. But doctors in the community have to face dilemmas, they must treat general health problems, but they can only serve in specific registration. So a surgeon prescribe for pediatrics' patient is going to lose in any suit cases according to Law of the People's Republic of China on Medical Practitioners.

As health authorities have design the assertive healthcare systems, compulsory and routine services are increasingly accumulated to community health care. Now China already launched its family doctor project, hoping it step forward at the crossroads.

Chen Hwa, a surgeon in Zhoujiaqiao Community Health Service Centre,  is that kind of family doctor in Shanghai city. Routine family visits, health course for citizens and answering health enquiry hotlines are doctor Chen's daily common work. "We have sign up health contracts with approximately 200 families up to now," Chen said in a speech yesterday, "but the plan was 2000 contacts for every family doctor in 2008."

"The patients choose family doctor for lower fees." an unnamed offical says, "But wealthy citizens keep visiting hospitals for simple physical problem, and many patients prefer doctors in big hospital to those in community clinics."

Zhoujiaqiao Community Health Service Centre is quite big as the hospital in west China, such as the Yingxiu Hospital.

Hospital queue to assault

Yesterday morning there was a hospital violence in local municipal hospital, four health workers were injured. News reports say that the patient cannot wait anymore and he thinks somebody jump  the queue. The only way to reveal the truth is that victims and the attackers come to the public and tell us what exactly have happened, both of the offence and the defense. But this will not works, for the health workers are going to say nothing under some anonymous pressure.

Another Tom ( not Tom Anderson) posts what he knows about Chinese healthcare. Huge patients flow flood everywhere and the doctors are deficient. But the government never admit that, meanwhile none protest from the health workers confirm the shortage.

And more hospital assaults will come.







Golden armor protects you

2012, thirty years after Project Golden Armor launched, the government has been encroaching imperceptibly netizens' awareness, so that these poor man believe that corruption have been already eliminated, and Gilded Era comes to them. But this is only the mirage of Red Intranet.

- encroach
to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another
- stealth
the act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly
- imperceptible
not perceptible by a sense or by the mind : extremely slight, gradual, or subtile

Shenzhen Universiade to ban smoking

Shenzhen Universiade will come in this August, now they are still improving their English service, also finishing venues construction in a hurry. @medecinsam

Meanwhile Shenzhen is not ready for smoke control. Till on April 2, local health authority declares a tobacco curbing policy for three kinds of area.

A strict regulation to ban smoking will be carried on in venues. Smoking will be prohibited, while there will be none of a cigarette advertisement. The rules should be followed in universiade village, cafeteria and offices beside of the stadium.

But there will be smoking area in common restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. Indoor smoke are even harmful to our health, so the policy to ban smoking only for 2011 Summer Universiade  is ridiculous.
評估病歷質量,100份病歷可以逐一過目。那1000份呢?10000份呢?單純隨機抽樣(simple random sampling)莫過是最適合病歷抽樣的辦法。對於醫院信息系統功能不足的地方,可通過 Microsoft Excel 生成隨機數字,以實現隨機抽樣。

調用Excel工具欄 Tools – Macro - Visual Basic Editor
excel-macro-VBA在 Microsoft Visual Basic Book 左側欄 VBAProject 中定位完全隨機數字羅列的工作表,複製下列 VBA 代碼:

Sub ExcelNoRepeatSampling() 'define macro name
Dim TempArr1(@) As Integer, TempArr2(0 To @, 1 To 1) As Integer '@ here means total overall number N
Dim RndNumber As Integer, i As Integer
Randomize (Timer)
For i = 0 To @
TempArr1(i) = i
Next i
For i = @ To 0 Step -1
RndNumber = Int(i * Rnd)
TempArr2(@ - i, 1) = TempArr1(RndNumber) + 1
TempArr1(RndNumber) = TempArr1(i)
Next i
Range("A1:An").Value = TempArr2 'Set sampling size as n, and list them in a row from 1 to n
End Sub

Ctrl + H 把字符@替換為抽樣研究的總體數,把n替換為本次抽樣的樣本數。接著,運行用戶窗體,得到毫不重複的隨機數字。最後可以按照從小到大順序對這些隨機數字排序。


以上 Excel Macro VBA Randomized Number 同樣適用於藥物處方抽樣。

Excel no repeat sampling

Sub NoRepeatSampling() 'define macro name
Dim TempArr1(@) As Integer, TempArr2(0 To @, 1 To 1) As Integer '@ here means total overall number N
Dim RndNumber As Integer, i As Integer
Randomize (Timer)
For i = 0 To @
TempArr1(i) = i
Next i
For i = @ To 0 Step -1
RndNumber = Int(i * Rnd)
TempArr2(@ - i, 1) = TempArr1(RndNumber) + 1
TempArr1(RndNumber) = TempArr1(i)
Next i
Range("A1:An").Value = TempArr2 'Set sampling size as n, and list them in a row from 1 to n
End Sub

Replace @ with your overall number, such as shortcut key Ctrl+H in Notepad. Then replace n with your sampling size number. Press F5 and then it generates randomized number from cell 1 to cell n in a column.

This is a workable way of randomized control by using Excel or spreadsheet, for quality control in health record sampling.