WLAN service in Shenzhen Hospitals

Queueing Hall, ground floor to 2nd floor Shenzhen Children's Hospital

Registration Hall, ground floor, Shenzhen TCM Hospital

Search CMCC hot spot by your WIFI hand held device, such as a IPhone or Android gadgets. Now we can tweet events in these hospitals.

I am impressed that some foreigners using chopsticks easily, for they have had Japanese or Chinese cuisine and practice a lot before visiting China. Derek Armstrong and Wendy Lynn Bullock, are the ones I've went out with for Chinese dinners in different occasions, do be good at holding chopsticks and they look like the extensions of their hands.

Yet I've recognized that few etiquettes are not introduced to expats after searching on the web. One is that hovering above the dish for your hesitation, which shows you are blocking the others to pick up any food, or you're really selfish. Another bad manner is searching in any dishes. It's so vulgar, and most people may feel disgusting for your saliva might already taint on the chopsticks.

Actually I have no idea that why we will impale meat balls. For most of us can pick up glass balls by chopsticks without difficulty. If you cannot make it, feel free to use a spoon instead of piercing a fish ball or beef ball.

And I want to know who will research on chopsticks usages and health.

Hospital clusters will come to us in Shenzhen

13 hospital clusters will be set up, each contains one hospital, a district hospital or TCM hospital, and many community clinics, all are public investments. This medical reform is based on Hong Kong Health Authority's idea, spokesman from Shenzhen Heath Bureau says to Shenzhen News.

There will be no common sickness triage in municipal after hospital clusters come to us. Visitors are going to consume for cold, cough, allergy etc in general practitioners in future but no legislation will declared to stop visitors consult general problems in municipal hospitals.

Probably patients will pay more by themselves if they go directly to big hospitals for general disease, even they are covered by social medical insurance.

I'm totally impressed by this news, hoping it will change the medical service culture in the following decades. Criticism keep blaming inefficiency in large hospitals for patients are easily jammed.

It's time for the change in Shenzhen health administration.

Shy Feelings from Students in an English Class

Today I notice many shy students after teaching a class of more than 100 attendance, which expats teachers have mentioned that a lot. These shy ones, read in a really low voice, wait for the selection for pair play, and some flee away before the end of the class for I assign the class to introduce themselves one by one.

Most of them are not English beginners for they pronounce pretty good, speak fluently and some of them know the medical terms terribly well. So I recognize how a shy student is.

Maybe Chinese culture that seldom encourage students to develop their views draw to this shy reactions. Rote do kill the talent of a person and this is quite obvious in English class, especially in a western style one.

A student in today's class told me that she hasn't speak English for decades. Oh, this is the time for your English muscles, why not open it?

Another one said she just want to follow my reading. I just had few minutes for each group and practicing with you partner really works.

Some are not confident with themselves for the worry for bad pronunciations. I realize that most of them haven't listen to a native English program, in radio broadcasting or TV. Most important of all, he or she might never speak in their class before, probably they had a shy teacher in their school lives.

I know, I know, I have to be better. Try to keep my smile, soft tones and encouraging gestures, then ease their stresses. Try to elicit their motivation for learning English, to learn by themselves. And I would try small tricks to interact them in pair practice or group games.

Beijing government declared its legislation and banned smoking indoors from this May 1, but there are still smokers in schools.

Shenzhen now is going to set up tobacco-free schools. No one can smoke in kindergartens, primary schools or secondary school, wherever they smoke indoors or outdoors. Meanwhile cigarettes are prohibited in Health Authority in Shenzhen, but they will have smoking area outside the buildings.

Also smoking rules are carried on not so strictly in universities for there will be smokers areas outdoors.

None cigarettes can be sold in any school area so that all tabacco-free schools will come to us until this following December.

In many administrative buildings, there are no rules to stop people to smoke indoors at present.

Disposable chopsticks and Chinese Cuisine

I realize that some expats love to try Chinese cuisine, that's really impressive for they know besides offalls and bones, some Chinese food also are cooked lightly, with plenty of vegetables, and have charming look. Eating in a popular restaurant or dining in a luxury one sometimes may guarantee the food safety, but things in many restaurants are not the same.

Disposable chopsticks are today's topic about food poisoning. What we know from CCTV reports last year, many throwaway chopsticks are tainted with sulfur, paraffin wax or hydrogen peroxide. And moldy chopsticks, escherichia coli or aureus polluted are quite common, both of these may lead to cancer, stomachache, or vomiting.

We can see diners pour boiling water on disposable chopsticks to ensure hygiene but it doesn't work actually, for most of these poisoning materials and tiny germs will not be destroyed at 100 Celsius degrees. Therefore, what's your plans before having Chinese cuisine with wasteful slender sticks?

Obviously portable chopsticks for your own are more healthier.

Shenzhen to link ATM card with health record

Cash may be not necessary anymore when you visit a hospital and pay for the bill, if you have ATM card on hand. With this technique, hospitals' physicians may load relative medical records from central servers after they swipe a patient's bank card. Lin Dernan, head of Shenzhen Medical Information Centre ( SMIC ), told the reporter that some public hospitals will try this in the following September.

It is designed for citizens have no medical insurance, which means only when he or she has visited a public hospital somewhere, sometime, and the patient has medical information recorded in the specific HIS, then a doctor is able to help visitors to read their medical histories in a easy way.

For medical data will not be wrote in any ATM cards, special hardware and software must be designed and delivered to make sure health privacy encrypted well enough. If a visitor drops his ATM card accidentally, no one can duplicate the medical records.

In 2008, about 40 thousand maternal privacy were leaked and sales from infant milk companies kept harassing some of these ladies. Some other infant products agencies did it also. Health Authority , Population and Family Authority as well denied any staffs did so, although it was reported widely in China. They find nobody guilty for this event until now.

Shenzhen Health Bureau was combined with Shenzhen Population and Family Planning Bureau in 2009, according to the administration reform by the government.

Ah, another sixty days


Ah, ah, hmm.

Shenzhen psychiatrist stuck in illegal diagnosis

Gao Beiling, a registered psychiatrist in Shenzhen Kangning Hospital ( one public psychiatric hospital ), gets stuck for an illegal diagnosis one year ago.

The lawsuit sentenced on May 10 in Futian Court and Gao was the one whom got sued. During lately 2009 to early 2010, Gao was sent to Shenzhen Second People's Hospital to diagnose a suspect case. Guo Junmei, the nurse of the Second Hospital, so disagreed to the bonus reform in her clinic, the hyperbaric medicine unit, that few presidents in this hospital believed her a maniac.

It's not sure that whether their is any registered psychiatric clinic in Shenzhen Second People's Hospital. But Guo just told her view and she was not a patient to get a confirm diagnosis. Dr. Gao Beiling, the specialist in forensic psychiatry in Shenzhen, also visitor scholar of Texas Psychiatric Hospital and University of Southern California, gave the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia secretly while Guo Junmei recognize it unconsciously.

Futian Court sentenced Shenzhen Second Hospital to pay 10 thousand yuan compensation to Miss Guo, about $1537, and to apologize on local newspapers. But Shenzhen Psychiatric Hospital and Dr. Gao have nothing to do with this case.

According to the schedule, the Second Hospital is going to serve for 26th Universiade as a major role.

Shenzhen Little Sheep tainted Phosphate

Before fast food restaurants operator Yum successfully bid Chinese Little Sheep, a scandal comes from China Shenzhen and shows this China hot-pot chain restaurant failed to past a routine sampling examination. One food in its menu, ultra-fine pork ball, is positive in Phosphate Compound test ( results here listed in Chinese ).

As Market Supervision of Shenzhen Municipality ( MSSM ) declared last week, the 1 kilogram per package sample from Little Sheep manufactured in February was not safety for it contained phosphate compound. But the notice didn't show how many samples of pork balls were tested.

MSSM is another food safety administration and they monitor food safety in selling area.


海外留學和我這個年代還相差甚遠,大學同學中也就 Jessica 到了 University of Wales 取得工商管理碩士的文憑,誰都想不到她能夠成功轉型。


Seeing Red in China 是我近期經常閱讀的博客,博主Tom也留意到中國的富人們迫不及待,重金把子女推上船以得到美國的高等教育。呵呵,這種不罷幹休的勁頭正像幾十年前的太空爭霸一樣,既為名、又為利。只不過直白的追求與現代禮儀衝突太甚而已。在華外國人能注意到這點不無道理,今天的深圳新聞網就推出了中學爭辦"國際班"出國留學"發高燒"專題,家長的金錢投入讓我乍舌。各公立學校、私立學校高中特設的"國際班",正是迎合這個市場而生。以往教育界專業人士透露的,也就不是什麼國家機密了。


Tenerife behead case may not happen in China

The beheaded British woman in Tenerife is absolutely a tragedy, and I think it probably may not happen if proper preventionisms were done. Many cities in China have set up emergency response to schizophrenia crisis, so this kind of violence may not happen.

Local policemen keep informed as any maniacs are released from municipal mental hospital, as GP as well. Police officers and family doctors in pairs routinely visit the mental patients every two weeks to four months, based on the mental evaluation. But maniacs without Shenzhen Hukou will be sent to mental hospital, Kangning Hospital, for further treatment and they will be sent out back to their Hukou places if they are stably healthy.

As Epress.co.uk reports, Deyan Valentinov Deyanov has been released from a psychiatric hospital since this February. In general he should be in good healthy situation, knowing his mental problem and the drug usages. But it seems Mr. Deyanov was out of control for he harassed and pestered different madams in these several months.

China government has all firm hands on maniacs. From January to April in 2011, Shenzhen Police has dispersed 80 thousand out for they are ‘high risk’to Shenzhen, which including dangerous maniacs.

Disperse schizophrenias or monitoring them is one of the emergency response for Harmony China, from Beijing Olympic to Shanghai Expo, now the 26th Universiade. Spain government, will you learn something from it?

English Practice Selection Rhyme

As foreigner teachers have found, many Chinese adults are shy to open their mouths, even say nothing till the class is over. Actually I don't recognize this until Tom Anderson and
Wendy talks about that. I myself always grasped any chance to read English loudly as a representative in the class and I were quite willing to play the language game as a student.

Last week I recognized someone like what they say, a stubborn refused to speak English in a loud voice, simply buried himself in the text book, even he just murmur in a pretty low voice that I were hardly able to heard it. I failed to pulled him up from his seat and made him stand straighter, to eased him in a good position to pronounce.

Sometimes I use selection rhyme to push them to the point for none volunteers raise their hands. One rhyme that Mr. Anderson has been using is my favourite for I try to speak no Chinese. The rhyme is Eenie Meenie:

Eenie meenie miney moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe,
If he squeals, let him go,
Eenie meenie miney moe,

The ‘eanie meenie’ is obviously the usage for counting, for I notice it in a scenario in Toy Story Ⅲ, while Bonnie meets Woody she is counting something.

I think Ingle Angle is also a good choice to select somebody to stand out, full text of the rhyme is:

Ingle angle, silver bangle
Ingle angle, oooooooh
Ingle angle, silver bangle
Out goes you

The last word points to a person always is the one selected to do some English practicing. In Cantonese a selection rhyme will be this:

點指兵兵 (We are counting soldiers)
點指賊賊 ( We are counting gansters )
點到誰人做大兵 ( Who will act as GI Joe )
點到誰人做大賊 ( Who will act as Robin Hoods )

92580 couples registered divorces in 2009, Zhongshan City had the toppest divorce ratio of 22.2%, while Shenzhen followed it at the second, Shenzhen News reports. According to the survey, around one fourth were caused by extramarital affairs.

Here is divorce procedure in Shenzhen. For Shenzhen residents with local Hukou, to divorce you must have:

  1. Hukou registration book and ID card, with duplication copies separately in two A4 paper.
  2. Marriage certification with with duplication copies in A4 paper.
  3. Divorce settlements in three duplication in A4 paper.
  4. Two Liang cun (3.5×5.3cm) standard pictures for each person.

At last you have to pay 9 RMB for you divorce certification.











Shenzhen Futian District supply family doctors

Following Beijing and Shanghai city, Shenzhen starts its family doctor service, and Futian is the only one pioneer district.

30 health care clinics in Futian district join the reform program. General practitioners there visit to the families which make phone calls and ask for help. No extra fees are needed.

In year 2010, there are 6211 health professionals in 607 health clinics, around 10 physicians and nurses in each by average. Many health care clinics open 24 hours for full day shifting, therefore full time family doctor service will be not available in Futian.











Shenzhen physicians per 1000 people

Population datum keeps changing in Shenzhen. On 2011 April 10th it is 13 million, while it was 8.9 million in 2010, even statistic comes from the same Population Authority.

Meanwhile, official report for health system of last year show that there were 22012 registered physicians in Shenzhen, approximately 1.69 physicians in every 1000 Shenzhen residents. This is sure an achievement for the average in China was around 1 in per 1000 people in 2009 ( World Bank datum here ).

Obviously human resource invested on health services in Shenzhen are fewer. In 2009, there were 3.68 physicians per 1000 people in Shanghai. Even in Guangdong province, there were 1.62 physicians in each 1000 people.

Some believe that too much physicians burden is one of the reason for the severe conflicts between patients and doctors in China.