Hospital clusters will come to us in Shenzhen

13 hospital clusters will be set up, each contains one hospital, a district hospital or TCM hospital, and many community clinics, all are public investments. This medical reform is based on Hong Kong Health Authority's idea, spokesman from Shenzhen Heath Bureau says to Shenzhen News.

There will be no common sickness triage in municipal after hospital clusters come to us. Visitors are going to consume for cold, cough, allergy etc in general practitioners in future but no legislation will declared to stop visitors consult general problems in municipal hospitals.

Probably patients will pay more by themselves if they go directly to big hospitals for general disease, even they are covered by social medical insurance.

I'm totally impressed by this news, hoping it will change the medical service culture in the following decades. Criticism keep blaming inefficiency in large hospitals for patients are easily jammed.

It's time for the change in Shenzhen health administration.

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