Shy Feelings from Students in an English Class

Today I notice many shy students after teaching a class of more than 100 attendance, which expats teachers have mentioned that a lot. These shy ones, read in a really low voice, wait for the selection for pair play, and some flee away before the end of the class for I assign the class to introduce themselves one by one.

Most of them are not English beginners for they pronounce pretty good, speak fluently and some of them know the medical terms terribly well. So I recognize how a shy student is.

Maybe Chinese culture that seldom encourage students to develop their views draw to this shy reactions. Rote do kill the talent of a person and this is quite obvious in English class, especially in a western style one.

A student in today's class told me that she hasn't speak English for decades. Oh, this is the time for your English muscles, why not open it?

Another one said she just want to follow my reading. I just had few minutes for each group and practicing with you partner really works.

Some are not confident with themselves for the worry for bad pronunciations. I realize that most of them haven't listen to a native English program, in radio broadcasting or TV. Most important of all, he or she might never speak in their class before, probably they had a shy teacher in their school lives.

I know, I know, I have to be better. Try to keep my smile, soft tones and encouraging gestures, then ease their stresses. Try to elicit their motivation for learning English, to learn by themselves. And I would try small tricks to interact them in pair practice or group games.

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