Chopstick and expats

I am impressed that some foreigners using chopsticks easily, for they have had Japanese or Chinese cuisine and practice a lot before visiting China. Derek Armstrong and Wendy Lynn Bullock, are the ones I've went out with for Chinese dinners in different occasions, do be good at holding chopsticks and they look like the extensions of their hands.

Yet I've recognized that few etiquettes are not introduced to expats after searching on the web. One is that hovering above the dish for your hesitation, which shows you are blocking the others to pick up any food, or you're really selfish. Another bad manner is searching in any dishes. It's so vulgar, and most people may feel disgusting for your saliva might already taint on the chopsticks.

Actually I have no idea that why we will impale meat balls. For most of us can pick up glass balls by chopsticks without difficulty. If you cannot make it, feel free to use a spoon instead of piercing a fish ball or beef ball.

And I want to know who will research on chopsticks usages and health.

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